Farmers breathe a sigh of relief as San Miguel Corp decides to buy even more fresh produce from them in an attempt to sustain their livelihood and maintain a stable food supply chain. This brings hope for a lot of people in the face of a prolonged and tireless fight against the global pandemic.

The company’s main interest lies in rice, cassava, corn, pork, chicken and other essentials. San Miguel Foods Inc., a unit of San Miguel Corp, produces fresh meat, processed meat, poultry, flour, dairy products, coffee, etc. 

San Miguel Offers to Buy More from Farmers in COVID-19 Rescue

Their main aim is to help out the farmers directly, revealed Ramon Any, the president and COO or SMC. They have realized than the people from the provinces need just as much support as the city dwellers.

By ensuring the chain of demand remains unaffected. They also seek to encourage the farmers so that they prepare for the next harvest as well. 

In Manila, despite the lockdown measures have been taken to ensure an uninterrupted continuation of farming and fishing.