The US Navy reported the death of a sailor on Monday due to Coronavirus.

The name of the sailor has not been revealed by the Navy, who was admitted into the intensive care unit of a US Navy hospital last Thursday.

During a daily medical checkup, on March 30 the sailor from the USS Theodore Roosevelt who tested positive of the virus was found unresponsive and immediately shifted to the intensive care unit, as reported by CNN previously.

Prior to being transferred into the ICU, the Navy reported that the sailor was given a CPR on the grounds of him being unresponsive.

Furthermore, a US defense official told CNN that more four sailors had been transferred to the hospital.

Nearly 92% of the crew members onboard had tested positive of the virus, i.e. about 600 sailors on Roosevelt.

The coronavirus pandemic drastically impacted the Roosevelt and gave rise to a controversy resulting in the resignation of the acting Navy secretary Thomas Modly, who had earlier dismissed the aircraft carrier’s captain Brett Crozier after a leak of a memo.

The memo requested the Navy officials to make an urgent evacuation of the ship to protect the health of its sailors. Crozier had also raised his concern about the challenges of containing the virus aboard the ship and requested for the sailors to be quarantined on land.

Since then more than 4000 sailors have been evacuated and moved ashore to Guam and keeping the others who tested negative in isolation in local area hotels.