Saginaw Police are investigating after a resident reported a noose, with a harassing note attached to their vehicle.

Officers were called to the 2200 block of N. Carolina Street after a called said they found the noose, with a harassing racially sensitive note attached to it in their vehicle.

Police said they are not releasing any more information to help preserve their investigation.

“Posting a noose on someone’s property is probably one of the most despicable, racist things you can do,” said Terry Pruitt, president of the Saginaw NAACP branch.

Pruitt said once he was notified of the incident, he got to work.

“Today, we did have a conversation with the chief of police here in Saginaw. He assured me there is an ongoing investigation regarding the noose incident. He’s even brought in outside law enforcement to assist in the investigation including the FBI,” Pruitt said.

Pruitt said the FBI’s Hate Crime Division will be looking at the evidence and participating in the investigation. He said now is the time to be vigilant as a community.

“I think the family is feeling certainly very intimidated by all of this. There is a little bit of fear because they have a young child. I think we need to raise the consciousness of our community and understand that there’s a lot of work that we’ve got to do to overcome these sorts of things,” Pruitt said.

TV5 spoke to the family on the phone. Regina Simon said they are not backing down. They are planning a rally to take place in Saginaw this weekend.

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