The Foreign Ministry of Russia warned that there can be heavy retaliation after a Czech based news alleged that a spy from Russia was deployed to poison high government officials in Prague. 

According to the news report, it was a plot of the Russian Intelligence to fight against Czech’s decision to honor an assassinated Russian political activist and also, to remove a statue from the Soviet-era. 

According to the report, the agent was picked up from the airport. The agent was allegedly carrying ricin.

Ricin, if taken in through the skin or inhaled, can result in multiple organ failure. It is made from the beans of castor oil. 

The report has named many anonymous sources to authenticate their data.

However, the Russian embassy claimed that the entire article was baseless and that it was done to malign Russia.

Maria Zakharova, the spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry in Moscow, added further, “Prague should fully realize how serious the consequences of such methods and manipulations could be.”

The Czech Foreign Ministry’s Response to Russia

However, the foreign ministry in Czech called Zakharova’s statement disgraceful. According to them, it seemed like a threat to suppress the freedom of the press.

Prime Minister, Andrej Babis said, “It’s not acceptable – if it’s true – for a foreign state to take action against our citizens here. We are a sovereign state and we will certainly not allow any big world powers to influence our political affairs in any way.”

As soon as the news came to light, Pavel Novotny, Ondrej Kolar, and Zdenek Hrib, the Mayor of Prague have been kept under police protection. 

It is unclear if the increased protection is due to the alleged poisoning news. 

Kolar, in an interview said, “because there’s a Russian here who has been given the task of liquidating me. Not only me but Mr. Hrib and Mr. Novotny.”

He also criticized the government for taking a weak stand against Russia.

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