Rosa Parks’s letter about Martin Luther King Jr. goes up for sale

The letter is readily available on the website Moments in Time, and is priced at $54,000 The letter is dated October 6, 1981, and was dealt with to aMr Kessler.

The letter was composed in action to a sign collector’s correspondence asking Parks what she thought about King, Moments in Time CEO Gary Zimet informed CNN.

In the letter, Parks stated, “I admired and respected him as a truly great man committed an dedicated to freedom, peace and loyalty for all oppressed humanity. He was a leader of the masses in Montgomery, Alabama and the nation.”

The letter that Rosa Parks wrote in remembrance of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

King arranged the Montgomery Bus Boycott after Parks was detained and imprisoned for declining to provide up her seat to a White guy on a city bus.

The boycott was a civil liberties demonstration in which African Americans declined to ride city buses in Montgomery due to segregated seating. It lasted over a year, starting on December 5, 1955 and ending on December 20, 1956.

It resulted in a Supreme Court judgment in 1956 which desegregated public transport in Montgomery.

Parks was honored with a statue in downtown Montgomery in December2019 She died in October 2005 at the age of 92.

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