Rochelle Walensky
Rochelle Walensky

Rochelle Walensky, a doctor by profession, was selected to monitor the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, by President-elect Joe Biden. This happened on Monday. Dr. Rochelle Walensky will be carrying out her duty once Joe Biden takes office as the President of the US. This post does not need the confirmation of the Senate.

Professional Background Of Dr. Rochelle Walensky

According to Walenky’s biography on the website of Massachusetts General Hospital, she is a teacher at the Harvard Medical School. Not only that, but she is also a physician of infectious diseases at the Women’s Hospital in Boston as well as the at the Bringham and the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Walensky seems to be selected to monitor the Centers at a very challenging hour. Currently, the US is the country with the largest number of Coronavirus infected patients. With 15million infected cases and more than 282,000 deaths, the cases are still on the rise. The aforementioned data is derived from Johns Hopkins University tracker.

Walensky took over the social media platform Twitter to express her feeling regarding her being chosen. She wrote that it was her honor to administer the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. She also expressed her readiness in tackling the virus situation in the US. This, she wrote, would be done with the help of scientific knowledge.

The newly appointed Centers leader began her career in the medical world when there was a high rate of HIV/AIDS in the region. She said that she has remained dedicated to fighting infectious diseases since then.

According to the NPR member station WBUR based in Boston, one of Wallensky’s colleagues said that he was really excited about president-elect Joe Biden’s choice for the leader of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.