Robert Davi: Reagan Never Kneeled Before Communism

Conservative actor Robert Davi wrote that President Ronald Reagan never kneeled prior to the threat of communism in the 40s, exactly the same threat we see today.

Davi: Reagan Stood Up Against The Marxists

In an article for Breitbart, Robert Davi, popular for his roles such films as Die Hard, The Goonies and Licence to Kill, and who turns 68 today, argued that President Reagan stood up against the communist threat in the 1940s when he was an actor in Hollywood.

“The mainstream embrace of cultural Marxism we see sweeping America today began to take root here” during Reagan’s time, Davi argued. The cultural Marxists used culture, the arts, and education to infiltrate this country, as “Marx and Russian dictator Vladimir Lenin understood [it] as the methods to infect minds and hearts.”

The antifascist movement through the early 1 / 2 of the 20th Century “substituted Judeo-Christian religious values, the betterment of self, with a new Godless ‘religion,’” and Reagan realized the Marxists had designs for America, with the great man morphing from “a bleeding heart liberal to conservative. Reagan experienced firsthand that the antifascists were the fascists. They would not accept any thought unless it would further their agenda,” Davi noted.

Yet Reagan stood against the communists and went straight into the belly of the beast, he argued, something that no body is prepared to do today, “because to do so; you must be more adept and well-versed then they are,” alongside “the fear of intimidation, threats, loss of livelihood or life.”

Reagan faced threats to his life himself, and was provided with security, but the big difference was, as Davi highlights, “Reagan refused to kneel. And most of Hollywood hated him for it.”

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We Need Someone With His Understanding To Combat Communism Today!

Unfortunately, in today’s society, Davi noted that there’s nobody who has Reagan’s understanding of cultural Marxism to combat them. “America is under siege,” that he posits, just like it was in those days:

There are forces at play within our society, government, and popular culture, both foreign and domestic, which are dismantling our foundation. The foundation of a nation is built on its past. We are seeing the deliberate subversive overthrow of our country and you can find far too few voices talking to the American people about this and the dangers we face.

The destruction of our history must stop. The overthrow of local governments must stop. We have a Congress full of radical subversives. We have a media industrial complex that is clearly a propaganda arm of the Progressive Marxist left and the Democratic Party. We have a weak opposition party in the GOP, weaklings whose blood has been drained and replaced with jello.

Davi concluded that we can not simply “stand by and let pieces fall where they may,” calling upon President Donald Trump “to speak to the American people in the way Ronald Reagan did.”

I couldn’t agree more. Reagan’s comprehension of the risk of communism was second to none, and he could show this threat to the American people. Trump must follow in his footsteps!

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