rob portman
rob portman

Rob Portman, a Republican Sen., has announced that he would not be going ahead for the next term in office. He clearly stated that he would retire after his current tenure ends. Rob Portman, while expressing what made him go for this decision, said that being a public servant was “tough” today. And working through the ever-increasing polarization of the two parties add to it. This, he said, becomes tougher for people who actively seek common grounds. It has become “worse” in the decades following this, even if it isn’t new, he finished. 

Rob Portman, who said that he would not join the Congress, now finds it incongruous on the part of the Congress to go ahead with the impeachment of the former President, Donald Trump. Trump was replaced by President Biden, who won the elections back in 2020. The retiring Senator expressed his concerns regarding the growing extremism among the partisans. That might have also prompted the impeachment procedures to gain ground. 

Rob Portman’s Reaction To Trump’s Impeachment

Rob Portman said, impeachment, according to the Constitution, meant removal from Office. It also means to keep someone from ever running for the office again. But this is not holding in Trump’s case. He has put forth his desire to look for the arguments that the Congress would stand by to support. 

Senator further said that his services shall be in the best interest of the country. He added that he does not support the Capitol raid in any sense and Trump’s alleged involvement in it. He said he shall bear a neutral stand for the impeachment procedure, listening to both sides, being a juror.

Rob Portman becomes the only third Republican, following Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, and Richard Burr of North Carolina, to opt-out from the elections in 2022, after his official term ends.