riley june williams
riley june williams

Riley June Williams was arrested after a caller informed the police about a video that shows Riley taking a hard drive or a laptop from the office of Nancy Pelosi. The FBI officials have arrested the woman whose ex-partner accused her of stealing the laptop of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Riley was arrested on Monday. The day for her first court appearance has not been decided yet. 

The caller, who claimed to be her ex, also alleged that Riley June Williams was planning to send the stolen device to one of her friends in Russia. According to him, the device was to be sold to the foreign intelligence service in Russia. But as the plan failed, he thinks that the device is either destroyed or still with Riley. According to the police, she has only been charged for entering the Capitol illegally and disorderly conduct. The case is still being adequately investigated.

Riley June Williams Family’s Reaction

Drew Hammill is the deputy chief of staff in Pelosi’s office. He had been informed about the laptop used for presentation purposes and was taken to the conference room on 8th January. 

Meanwhile, the mother of Riley June Williams informed the reporters of ITV that she had recently developed an interest in the “far-right” politics of ex-president Donald Trump. Her father reported that on the day of the protest, he and Riley went to Washington but did not remain together for long. Riley June William’s mother also told the media that her daughter had done packing and took a bag before her arrest. According to the FBI, Williams has deleted some of her social media accounts and changed her phone number as well.

Whether Riley June Williams is behind any theft or not is still being investigated.