The Dig
The Dig

The thing that all horror films preach is that history is something that does not leave the people of the present. Especially the kinds of horror films that involve the characters unearthing the burial grounds from ancient times. The same idea is delivered to the audience by the show, The Dig, by Simon Stone. It is made on the basis of John Preston’s literary work. The book was written on the basis of some real events.

The Dig does not come under the banner of a horror movie. However, the thought and the idea that it delivers, with regard to the past and how it has an influence over the present, is the same as that of any typical horror movie. The kind that involves the uncovering of graveyards. Both the narrative and style of the movie point towards the given idea. The Dig is about how the past, which has been uncovered, affects dramatically, the lives of the characters. It also has an effect on the presentation of the characters onscreen.

The Dig, What It Uncovers?

The movie begins with Basil Brown who is an archeologist with very little experience. He is also an excavator, a humble one. His role is played by Ralph Fiennes. Basil Brown is called upon by Edith Pretty who is a wealthy widow, her role is played by Carey Mulligan. She calls the excavator to her place, the Suffolk home.

Netflix‘s The Dig proceeds as Edith Pretty asks archeologist Brown to unearth the mysterious mounds that have remained in her property. The series of mounds have been attracting speculation for so many decades. They looked mysterious and huge. This is where the real story begins.

Their dig, in The Dig, uncovers one of the greatest historical findings of the country. It is the tomb of an Anglo-Saxon king from ancient times.