The recent actions of Google have landed the tech giants in a clash with the Republicans. According to the latest reports, the company refused to allow its AdSense to pick up a far-right website, which has caused several Republicans to argue that the software company is serving anti-conservative bias. This has led to several GOPs believing that the Congress should start targeting the very protections that Google has around itself- rendering it unaccountable to third party hosts while making and following its own rules.

“It is profoundly disingenuous for Google to insist on applying a standard to other companies that it disclaims for itself,” Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) wrote in an open letter to Google CEO Sundar Pichai on Wednesday. “In short, Google demands minimum oversight for itself, but maximum power over those who use its platform.”

Sen. Blackburn further mentioned how this infarction would actually enable Federal Agents to start snooping in the conglomerates’ inner workings- thereby monitoring its hegemony over advertising. It would also give them enough ammunition to check into Google’s anti-competitive business practices.

The point in contention is a law passed 1996 which states that websites posting any, and all spheres of thoughts cannot be held liable for what the thought entails. Furthermore, the tech companies also have the power of ‘good faith’ which gives them the power to remove posts and websites at will. The Republicans are going ballistic over these clauses, because of the allegations against Google for anti-republican bias.

And since Section 230 allows these clauses to function, Section 230 is the thorn in the Republicans’ side.