With the Black Lives Matter going full throttle, the GOP is taking sides regarding the issue of police immunity. This immunity grants the police force protection from civil lawsuits. While the Democrats are forcing a scale back on the law, most Republicans and the White House consider this to be a wrong move.

While the Republicans are absolutely against the complete removal of police immunity, they have agreed to open up talks and ensure proper debates are held. This is in light of the death of George Floyd, who was under the custody of the Minneapolis police, and which sparked a nation-wide protest against police brutality.

Sen. Rounds, one of the Republican Senators in the GOP has announced that most of the Republicans are completely overboard about the incident. But he agrees that discussions ought to see the light of the day, but only after everyone is well aware of the potential ramifications or consequences it might cause.

Sen. Mike Braun believes that a reformation is necessary, rather than the complete upheaval of police immunity. He believes that anything which would increase accountability, and responsibility ought to be encouraged. “When I talk about reforming it, it’s this simple: make sure that in these egregious instances, that there is accountability, and you’re not protected, just like you aren’t in other elements of society.”

Most criticisms against this law hint at the haplessness which citizens face, even after the police brutality crosses all barriers of human rights. While the law was initially instituted to prevent frivolous lawsuits from hampering the job of the police, it has extended well enough to make it difficult for normal people to sue those well in violation of civil rights.