Rep. McCaul praises Trump’s WHO withdrawal, says ‘they have one year to get their act together’

“I think we need a leader of the WHO who cares more about global health than appeasing the Chinese Communist Party, which is what director-general Tedros is,” McCaul explained. “He was their candidate to lead the World Health Organization.”

McCaul said when Ghebreyesus was working as a CEO in the private sector, he would have already been fired for malfeasance stemming from his apparent covering for China’s a few shortcomings in fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

“So we believe that until Tedros goes and we can reform the WHO, we can put them on notice,” he said.

McCaul added that it’s crucial for the U.S. to remain engaged with the WHO through the year-long probationary period.


“What the president is really doing here, if you look carefully, is he is entering into another negotiation. He’s a very good dealmaker and he is putting absolute pressure and leverage on the WHO to reform itself and it cannot be reformed with Tedros and the Chinese Communist Party controlling it,” the Texan continued.

“When that changes, and they have one year to get their act together, I think we have a very different scenario where we can really strengthen the WHO … so it works for the global health — not the CCP’s health or propaganda.”

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