On the occasion of Juneteenth, the two R&B singers Alicia Keys and John Legend battled out on Instagram and premiered their new singles. 

The Verzuz battle came amidst growing tensions in the United States as protests against racial inequality and injustice continue on. Even though the US is reeling under the COVID-19 pandemic, many have taken to streets after George Floyd’s murder by a Minneapolis police officer. 

John Legend sang his “Never Break”, while Keys performed her “Perfect Way To Die”, making the event quite emotional. 

The sequencing of the songs was made in a way to commemorate the mass social justice movement going on in the country right now. Keys and Legend began the show by singing “Redemption” and closed it with John Legend’s “Glory.” 

On a lighter note, John Legend’s dance performance to his songs brought about a parade of social media comments. Among the many commentators who poked fun of the situation were singer Jessie Woo and podcaster Jeff J. 

Jessie Woo tweeted that Legend moves like he has a credit score of 940. 

While Jeff J commented that the singer danced like a drunk version of himself. 

The Verzuz battle is an initiative by Timbaland and Swizz Beatz, who are determined to give fans a good show during this time of pandemic quarantine. 

Legend commented on people playing his songs during BLM protests and said that he was inspired by the tenacity of the protestors. 


Image Credit: Verzuz Instagram