90’s kids brace yourself, for you are getting a treat you always wanted (when you were a kid!). 

Refresh your mind and take a tour down memory lane for Disney+ brings you your favorite shows. It is not a secret that everyone (even adults, maybe a little more so than kids) loves binging on Disney; it just reminds us of better times. Worry no more, while you follow quarantine rules, raise a glass of milk and say hello to all your childhood heroes. 

Recess and Doug are available on Disney+, so don’t make other TV plans this weekend

Disney+ was already surrounded by buzz after they released Frozen 2 and Trolls World Tour earlier than expected. Winds blew for the better when they announced that three seasons of Recess will be streaming on Disney+ . 

Wait no more, sign up for a seven-day free trial, after which you can get it for just $6.99 a month. Or just purchase the year-long subscription for just $69.99 via digital gift card. You also have the option to subscribe to Disney+ along with Hulu and ESPN for $12.99 a month.