Rebel Wilson
Rebel Wilson

For the past decade, movie star Rebel Wilson has been the funny girl we’ve come to expect to get the last laugh up on the big screen, but these days, the Australian-born actress is taking her Hollywood career to the next level.

In fact, back on her March 2 birthday, Rebel Wilson, 42, celebrated being able to call Hollywood and all that surrounds it her new home, sharing on Instagram her U.S. permanent resident card. 

When I congratulated Rebel on that recent news at the start of our interview, she replied, “Awe, thanks! I’ve always loved America and it was always my dream to like work here and live here. I’m excited that it finally did it all officially and stuff. It’s awesome.”

Rebel Wilson’s Reply In The Interview

“I got given the script and it was in its earlier stages and I just thought – wow, the premise of a girl going into a coma in her senior year for 20 years and then waking up and trying to re-do her senior year 20 years later was a really fun thing to play with, especially considering how ‘woke’ and everything society is and how ‘fluid’ the kids are. There are so many differences between 2022 and 2002 culturally and in society and as a comic premise, that is going to be pretty good.”

Rebel goes on to share that Senior Year marks the third film she has produced, previously with her comedies Isn’t It Romantic and The Hustle. So, I wondered how Rebel might enjoy her producing responsibilities in ways that her on-screen performances simply do not do.