real madrid
real madrid

Real Madrid managed to win 1-0 at the Real Valladolid. The match took place on Saturday and took the team 3 points closer to their rivals Atletico, which is at the top of the table for La Liga. Madrid managed to rally. But the visitors were under pressure. Saidy Janko and Fabian Orellana were saved in quick succession by Thibaut Courtois twice. Casemiro was lucky that day not to score any penalty. Mariano Diaz almost had two goals. They were ruled out correctly for him on the offside. But Casemiro got involved, and he headed over the crossbar. 

There are several positives to this game. Real Madrid has been struggling and often does in a game since the league. But it is Kroos and a set-piece by him that manages to make a difference. Casemiro is another one who often gets to the end. This season, he is the second-highest scorer in Madrid. He has scored over five goals in this season alone. He racks just below Karim Benzema. 

Kroos, however, is a player that consistently creates a chance as a player. Courtois is the only other player who can take credits like Kroos or Casemiro. Every game has a special save from the goalkeeper. Three of these can be credited to help Real Madrid win four times this season. 

Zinedine Zidane And His Team, Real Madrid

Since Real Madrid had only 11 outfield players available, all of whom were seniors, their coach, Zinedine Zidane, almost had no team selection. Unsurprisingly, Isco was the one missing out. The performance has been flat so far. But the seasoned and veteran players have been saving their coach

But their coach made an early shift. He got Isco with younger players like Hugo Duro and Sergio Arribas. All of them brought energy to the attack side.