The healthcare facilities of the world are quite overwhelmed by the coronavirus pandemic. There is a clear need for more ventilators. It is essential that more of these life-saving devices get produced and delivered fast to the healthcare facilities. Plus, the equipment should be affordable too. 

Due to this dire need, manufacturers have shifted their manufacturing line-up and opted for the super-affordable Raspberry Pi component for their production. As per Tom’s Hardware, Raspberry Pi is boosting the product of Pi Zero boards to help manufacture units for ventilators

The Pi Zero is marked at just $5 and is one of the least powerful computers with a single 1 GHz core CPU and 512MB RAM, it can still run the simple computing of ventilators.

Another advantage of Raspberry Pi is that it can be supplied quickly. The Founder of Raspberry Pi has mentioned that they build on the basis of stocks rather than orders and so, they do have products in hand. It has made around 192,000 Pi Zero and Pi Zero W Boards in the first quarter of this year and wishes to make 250,000 in the second quarter.

This might be the first time that Raspberry Pi boards are being used in medical components, but it might help save lives.