Rajon Rondo
Rajon Rondo

There has been a fight involving Rajon Rondo, the American basketball sensation, and his girlfriend. The video of the fight has been made public. In the video, Rondo’s girlfriend can be seen laying hands over a woman. The whole fight is told to be based on the parking spot.

Toktam Jorshari is the woman who was physically assaulted by Rajon Rondo’s girlfriend. According to her, the fight started after she parked her car. She said that the basketball player and his partner told her that Toktam’s car had been parked too close to that of Rondo’s. Rondo had a Rolls Royce.

Rajon Rondo Shoves Away Toktam Jorshari

Jorshari, the physical assault victim, is now suing the couple on the basis of unspecified damage. The lawsuit is in the amount of 1 million USD. Not only that, but she is also suing them for personal injury, followed by conspiracy, assault, and inflicting emotional distress.

The video reveals the couple and Jorshari having an exchange of words in the beginning. As the video plays on, it can be seen that the Atlanta Hawks star lays his hands on the woman and pushes her away. This happens after Jorshari gets close to Rondo’s girlfriend. Later, the girlfriend throws punches at the woman and Rajon Rondo holds her back.

A fitting statement is issued by Arnold Gross and Eddie Tehrani, the legal attorneys of the victim. It starts by mentioning a few rules from the NBA. It says that any unnecessary contact made in the game results in the player getting ejected, fined, or even suspended. The same action if done outside is considered to be an assault. It is wrong for men to lay hands on a woman. It is more wrong if the man is a basketball player from the NBA with extreme height and physical strength.