Rachel Levine
Rachel Levine

Joe Biden, the President-elect, has selected Rachel Levine, the Health Secretary of Pennsylvania, as the assistant secretary to health.

This news has already been confirmed and proves to be a huge step forward. The appointment of Rachel Levine is quite historic because this is the very 1st open transgender federal appointment that has been officially confirmed by the Senate of the US.

A Historic Appointment Of Rachel Levine

Rachel Levine is a pediatrician as well as held the position of the physician general of Pennsylvania earlier. Tom Wolf, the Democratic Governor, appointed Levine to this present position in 2017. This is the very first time ever that this position is being held by a transgender making it a historic appointment nationwide.

She has successfully managed to win past the confirmation in the state of Pennsylvania which is primarily a Republican majority state. She has emerged as the most reliable public face in Pennsylvania with her active and strong response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In one of his recent public statements, Joe Biden has stated that Dr. Levine will definitely bring a stable leadership along with the much-needed expertise in order to fight the pandemic with minimal casualties. He also said that she will deliver the correct public health standard required by the nation in this dire situation and beyond.

She will not serve the country based on race, religion, zip code, gender, sexual orientation, and/or disability. Biden further added that Levine is highly qualified and the ideal choice to lead the health efforts of the administration.

Rachel Levine graduated from Harvard and has studied at the Medical School of Tulane. She is also the president of the State Association and Territorial Officials of Health.