The Western Union Company (WU)provides financial movement internationally. This also includes services of payments. The two segments in which the firm operates are Customer to Customer, with the other being Business Solutions. C2C provides international and intranational transfers, along with website-transactions, even on mobile devices. It operates through an agent as a third-party to transfer monetary terms between two consumers. 

On Friday, Western Union (NYSE: WU) opened in the market with $23.27. As per Zacks, the firm is expected to report over $1.6 billion for the quarter, on 9th February. Last year, the firm displayed earnings of $1.3 billion for the quarter. Among five researchers of WU, the highest estimate is $1.28 billion, against the lowest amount of $1.24. 

NYSE: WU’s full-year sales:

Analysts predicted the whole year’s sales of Western Union, expectations surging from an initial $4.81 – $4.85 billion. Although the actual is understood to be $4.83 billion. The mean average for the following year’s sales is estimated to a whopping$5.01 billion. 

The EPS for this quarter was announced to be $0.57. For the same quarter, they had a revenue of over 1.26 billion. Last year this quarter, the company posted the EPS to be $0.49, and the revenue was 3.7% up against this year. 

Several investors recently sold as well as bought shares of NYSE: WU. Cigna Investments now own over 13,157 shares, Daiwa Securities Group owns 21,420 shares, Cambria Investment own 30,308 shares, and CIBC Asset Management holding 37,599 stock holdings currently. 

$0.225 of the dividend was provided towards each share of NYSE: WU.