As per the Fly, stock analysts at Zelman & Associates Lowered the rating of PulteGroup (NYSE:PHM) from ‘buy’ to ‘hold’ in a research note issued to investors and clients on Tuesday.

PulteGroup (NYSE:PHM)- Analysts’ Opinion

Various research reports have covered PulteGroup (NYSE:PHM). In a research report issued on Thursday, 8th August, the price target on the company’s shares was increased from $52.00 to $70.00. It also issued an ‘overweight’ rating. In a research note on Tuesday, 21st July, 140166 reduced the shares’ rating from ‘positive’ to ‘neutral.’ It also hiked the price target set on PulteGroup from $34.00 to $37.00. 

A research note issued on Friday, 24th July suggested that the target price on PulteGroup (NYSE:PHM) was increased from $38.00 to $45.00 by Credit Suisse Group along with the issuance of a ‘neutral’ rating. In a research note issued on Monday, 3rd August, ValuEngine hiked the company’s rating from ‘strong sell’ to ‘sell.’

A research report issued on Monday, 27th July suggested that PulteGroup (NYSE:PHM)’s rating was boosted from ‘equal weight’ to ‘overweight’ by Wells Fargo & Company. The price target of the firm was also increased from $40.00 to $49.00.

The stock of PulteGroup(NYSE:PHM) has received a ‘sell’ rating from one investment analysis, ‘hold’ rating from ten analysts, and ‘buy’ rating from eight analysts. The average rating of the firm is ‘hold’ and $44.69 is the consensus price target.