San Francisco police noted that protesters gathered in the Golden Gate Park around 8 pm to tear down the statue of former president Grant. 400 protesters gathered to topple the statue of Grant who is known to have led the Union army during the civil war. 

The statues of the lyricist of the song “The Star-Spangled Banner”, Francis Scott Key and St. Junipero Serra, were also torn down on Friday. Friday was the national celebration day for the freeing of the last slaves in Texas, in 1865. Some historians point at a complicated relationship between Grant and slavery, whereas Grant is celebrated as the man leading to the victory of the Union in Civil war. Thus, ending slavery.

Interpretations and programs specialist at the American Civil War Museum, Sean Kane mentions that Grant married into a slaveholding family. Moreover, Grant also owned a black man, named William Jones, whom he freed only before the war. Grant is also known to have written a letter to his father, stating that for the Republic to survive, they should let go of slavery. Although he mentions in the letter, that his first instinct is to whip the rebellion into submission. 

Protestors throughout the country have pulled down several statues, belonging to generals and Confederate soldiers. Trump has ordered the arrest of all the people involved in these activities.