The protests after the death of George Floyd has really brought the Black Lives Matter question back to the table. People are tired of the statues erected across the USA, especially the South, making a hero out of slave traders and confederate leaders. The Juneteeth holiday on 19th June went on with peaceful protests. However, protestors were spotted around Brig. Gen. Albert Pike in the Judiciary Square in Northwest D.C. Here, the statue of Albert Pike was pulled down and burned.

A video has emerged showing how lighter fluid was ignited on the ground before the statue and then ropes were used to pull down the statue upon the burning lighter fluid. The statue was located at the corner of D and 3rd Streets and people emerged around it after 10 pm. The Police Headquarters is located just at the same spot. However, they did not intervene or interact with the protestors.

The lack of police activity has brought out Donald Trump to Twitter where he made a tweet directed towards D.C. Police that they are not doing their work properly. 

Gaetano Tretanove erected that statue of Albert Pike back in 1901 and it was the only confederate monument in the state. He was a Freemason and a poet. He was also known to have fought for the Confederacy. 

D.C. Councilman David Grosso and 7 other elected officers had pushed for the removal of the statue back in 2017.