Governor of Illinois, J.B. Pritzker is about to announce the closure of in-person instructions in state’s schools for the rest of the academic year on Friday afternoon.

As per the sources, the governor and his associates are ready with the plan of the extended lockdown.

Supposedly the decision will affect 2.2 million students.

Mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot has readily agreed with the decision. However, she will not attend the press conference due to a busy schedule

The initial lockdown was to be lifted on 7 April. But Pritzker first extended it till 30 April. Now, he is indicating towards the extension of the lockdown through May.

As per Education Week’s report, 27 states and 3 territories of the US have already ordered or recommended to shut school premises. Over 25 million students have been affected by the order.

The shutdown will hit Chicago hard as 355,000 students were meant to be in school till 18 June. The rest, 1.8 million students were meant to complete school by May or June.