Princess Eugenie
Princess Eugenie

Princess Eugenie celebrated the birth of her first child on Tuesday- which marked the entry of the youngest prince in the royal family of Britain. The Princess went into labor at The Portland Hospital in London. The name of the newborn hasn’t been fixed yet, but reports claim that he was born at 8.55 a.m, with a weight of about 8 pounds. This is the Princess’s first child, whose husband, Jack Brooksbank, was also present at the birth. The statement from the royal family mentioned that both the Princess and her son were doing well. 

Princess Eugenie Gave Birth To A Healthy Baby As Messages Flooded In

The general public got to know about the birth from the Instagram post which was shared by Princess Eugenie on Tuesday. The post consisted of a beautiful picture of the Princess and her husband holding on to their baby’s hand. The picture was accompanied by a caption that had a few emojis. All in all, a very cute picture indeed!

To Prince Andrew, and Sarah, Duchess of York, the Princess’s infant would be their first grandchild. But to the Queen, and the Duke of Edinburgh, the child would be the 9th grandchild they have had over the years. As far as news from Buckingham Palace goes, the extended family is definitely quite elated by this news. 

In fact, the official Instagram page of the royal family put up a picture of Princess Eugenie and her husband on their wedding day. And soon, congratulatory messages flooded the comment sections from followers- as they all considered the entire event something worth celebrating. 

Princess Eugenie had previously teased about her pregnancy back in September when she had uploaded a picture of her hand holding a pair of baby slippers. The caption mentioned how excited the future parents were for the next year.