Prince William
Prince William

Prince William is the heir to the royal throne of England. He is currently on a vacation with Kate Middleton on the Caribbean islands. They commenced their journey recently on Wednesday.

However, the timing of their journey does not seem to be perfect. The native people of the island have staged a huge protest against the cruel practice of slavery. The black people were mercilessly taken by the British in the past.

They were forced to serve as slaves of the white men. This practice continued for years until the island got its independence. The slaves were treated in the most inhuman way possible.

This resulted in most of the black people losing their lives due to extreme torture. The people of the island have yet not forgotten the cruelty imposed on their ancestors. The people of Jamaica want the Royal family of Britain to apologize for the inhuman practice of slavery.

They also want the Royal family to pay reparations for the same. The duo of Kate and Prince William are expected to tour Jamaica, the Bahamas, and Belize.

They will be attending a number of engagements following the Platinum Jubilee celebrations for Queen Elizabeth.

Elizabeth has completed seventy years as the Queen of England. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Prince William Face Trouble In Jamaica 

Prince William faced a lot of protests as he landed for his scheduled tour in Jamaica. The local people seemed very much disappointed about the Royal family of England.

Some of the people queued up outside the British high commission. They demanded an immediate apology from the royal family for their actions. 

Prince William is expected to have a meeting with the Prime Minister of Jamaica.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness stated that the country is now independent and is striving towards a promising future.