Prince Harry Was ONLY Allowed To Marry Meghan Because She Was Biracial?!

As an outsider joining the Royal family, Meghan Markle faced more scrutiny and criticism than almost anyone else on the world’s stage in recent years. Much of it felt such as a subtly racist reaction to the actual fact she was a biracial woman (and an American one at that) marrying into a very traditional aristocratic British family.

But according to a future book, the Suits star’s biracial identity might actually have been the thing which kept her from being rejected by The Firm!

Lady Colin Campbell, in her new book Meghan and Harry: The Real Story, argues Prince Harry “wouldn’t have been allowed to marry” an actress from the usa if she’d been a white woman.

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Huh. How’s that exactly??

The author is well known for her best-selling 1992 biography of Princess DianaDiana in Private: The Princess Nobody Knows, which at the time was met with incredulity — though a lot of what she wrote was proven true later.

In this book, Lady C claims Queen Elizabeth looked over Meghan’s biracial identity as a bridge to the long run for the fam, an addition which, according to an excerpt obtained by, “made the monarchy both reflective and representative of multicultural, multiracial Britain in a way that a white California-born actress who had been a cast member of a popular television series could never have.”

We mean, she’s not wrong. And who cares if it upsets the old racists, right? Screw ’em.

However, Her Majesty’s motives was a little on the cynical side, per Lady C, who writes about how exactly making the Royals seem more modern gave them a little more protection against being dismissed by the us government:

“The Queen, who is well known to be a wit, said to a friend, ‘Mr Corbyn will find it much more difficult to get rid of us now that Meghan’s in the family.’”

Hmm. The Queen is amongst the only public figures we actually can believe is playing 4-D chess. She’s one smart cookie. Sorry, biscuit?

Lady C says yet another source informed her everything else concerning the match was doomed — her nationality, her career — but her race was actually “welcomed” by the Queen:

“As a prince once told me, ‘Had Meghan not been a woman of colour, they would never have allowed the marriage. It was the only thing that was unreservedly in her favour.’”

How fascinating! Do You purchase it??

And by “it” we of course mean Lady C’s book. We hear it’s full of a number of other incendiary stories…

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