Prince Charles is positively affected by the Corona Virus

Prince Charles is positively affected by the Corona Virus

LONDON, REPORTER.AM – The eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II and heir to the throne of the United Kingdom, Prince Charles, was reported positive for corona virus. reported on Wednesday (3/25/2020), currently the Crown Prince titled Prince of Wales is undergoing quarantine in Scotland.

Based on information from Clarence Palace, Prince Charles tested positive for corona virus after showing mild symptoms.

“Currently he is in good condition, and working from home for the past few days as usual,” said the Palace.

Charles’s wife, Camilla who holds the title Duchess of Cornwall, also received a Covid-19 examination, and the results were negative.

“On the advice of the government and the medical team, the Prince and the Duchess of Cornwall undergo quarantine independently in Scotland,” said the Palace.

Clarence Palace explained, it is unknown how the father of Prince Harry and Prince William was stricken with the corona virus.

So far, Prince Charles is a member of the European monarchy infected with the virus which was first detected in Wuhan, China.

Earlier in mid-March, the ruler of Monaco, Prince Albert II, was also announced to be suffering positively from Covid-19.

In total, the United Kingdom reported 8,077 viral infections with the official name SARS-Cov-2, with 422 of them dead.

On Monday (3/23/2020), Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a firm stance to prevent more casualties.

In a statement broadcast from Downing Street 10 in London, Johnson asked the public not to leave the house.

The PM from the Conservative Party said, new residents may leave if there is a very urgent need, such as buying basic necessities or getting treatment.

“You can’t meet friends. If your friends invite, you have to answer ‘no’,” Johnson said.

He also prohibited visits to other family members.