President Donald Trump tore into Joe Biden’s ‘rally’ by posting a picture of an empty hall and commenting that it has ‘zero enthusiasm’ as fans line up in Tulsa ahead of his own campaign event

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign was mocked by Donald Trump. A photograph of an almost empty hall was posted by Trump on Twitter. He used the picture to suggest that there was “zero enthusiasm” for Biden’s “rally”.

Biden’s campaign event was held in Philadelphia. Proper social distancing protocols were to be followed and the attendees were supposed to be adequately spaced out.

Trump’s post is particularly biting since thousands of people, including his protestors and fans, have gathered far ahead of the venue of Trump’s rally in Oklahoma. The campaign will be held on Saturday. In fact, his campaign expects an overflow of people. Since there have been over a million requests for tickets to his campaign event.

Biden claims that he has been following the protocols suggested by the public health experts. As a result, only a few in-person events related to the presidential campaign have been held.

Trump on the contrary has suggested that Joe Biden is reluctant to make public appearances to avoid damaging his campaign.

Biden, not to be taken aback by Trump’s tweet, responded with a quick criticism. He not only looked down upon Trump’s failure to control the coronavirus pandemic properly. He even asked Trump to focus on his duties instead of posting updates on Twitter.

Image Credit: Matt Rourke