This Friday night, Geoffrey Berman was about to be ousted from his position by Attorney General William Barr. Berman is a power attorney in the US and he has notably investigated a number of associates related to President Trump. He is refusing to step down.

He has clearly stated that he has not resigned and does not intend to. He was, after all, assigned this job position by the Judges of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. He will only step down if there is a presidentially appointed nominee and who is confirmed by the Senate. Till then, he is willing to continue with his investigations.

This shows a crisis currently rattling in the Justice Department. It also shows how precarious the situation is where the leadership is put in the hands of the most famous federal prosecutors outside of Washington. It has shown again how Willam Barr is trying to turn the Justice Department to suit the agenda of Donald Trump.

It is said that Berman had been offered different other positions in the Justice Department itself. These positions include being the head of the civil division. This position was left vacant after the sudden departure of Attorney General Jody Hunt.

However, Berman declined.

The timing also raised a lot of eyebrows since it was announced at 9 in the night. Any such forced ousting will be drawing a lot of attention to the attorney office and among career prosecutors. After all, Berman has been an attorney since 2018.