The American rapper, singer, songwriter, Post Malone became a huge hit once again after his 2018 hip hop “Better Now”. But this time, it’s not his song, but his wine. The popular hip hop rapper recently diverted to wines and has already become a huge hit with his debut line of French wines.

The official release of his own brand of French rosé, Maison No. 9 has made itself a highly demanded product within days. Post has reportedly sold 50,000 bottles of his brand product in only two days. Not only that, but this sale also happened during presale and the first batch was wiped off the shelves in a flash.

The website handling the sales and orders of this very popular wine crashed before the presale due to an overflowing demand for orders.

Now is the time for Post Malone to add a digital bartender to manage the overwhelming demand for his new line of wine.

The demand for his wine has not reduced after the presale rush. The wine goes on sale on Monday in almost all the states. Post Malone named his wine after his favorite Tarot Card, the Nine of Swords. The wine is rated $21.99 a bottle and it’s not a cheap wine according to online reviews and ratings. 

The Malone French wine has surely won the hearts of followers and fans to have such a huge sale within days. 

Image Credit: TMZ/Getty Composite