Popular RPG Disco Elysium may be adapted into a TV show

There’s a TV series based on the 2019 indie game Disco Elysium possibly coming, Variety reports. Disco Elysium launched in October 2019 exclusively on PC, set in the exact same universe since the 2013 novel Sacred and Terrible Air. In the overall game, you play being an experienced detective tasked with solving a murder mystery in a city still recovering from a decades-old war.

Following its release, Disco Elysium received a positive reception from fans and critics; The Verge even recommends it as a game you ought to play in the event that you recently bought or built a gaming PC. Many praised the overall game for its watercolor art style, narrative depth, and writing, all elements that setup the basis for an appealing TV series.

The game also found numerous awards and nominations. It was nominated in four categories at the Game Awards 2019, including for Best Narrative and Best Independent Game, and won in every category it was nominated in.

The game’s developer, ZA/UM, is teaming up with dj2 Entertainment, the same company that co-produced a film adaptation of Sonic The Hedgehog earlier this season, to work on it series. Dj2 Entertainment also holds the license to adapt a great many other video games to the big or small screen, including Life is Strange, Little Nightmares, Sleeping Dogs, and Vampyr. Although a Vampyr TV show was announced in 2018, so far Sonic The Hedgehog is the only project to so far allow it to be to release.

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