From May 14 to 18 you can see what Fallout 76 has to offer without spending a dime.

There have been many big changes to Fallout 76 recently, from the significant extension of Wastelanders to its appearance on Steam. Also, Bethesda is urging you to look at all of what’s going on with the expectation of complimentary this end of the week.

From Thursday, May 14 (beginning at 12 pm EDT) to Monday, May 18 (finishing at 12 pm EDT), you can download and play Fallout 76 without spending a penny. Meet the new human NPC factions, build yourself a decent base (or a creepy one), and maybe scarf down two or three dozen pepperoni rolls while you’re busy.

There’s even some great news for people who effectively own Fallout 76, as the free end of the week will give double XP to the term. If you were arranging a pound meeting for the not so distant future, it’ll just accept you half as long this end of the week.