The biggest and brightest supermoon of the year is set to occur in April.

The pink supermoon, often called a Paschal moon, will certainly occur on April 7, loading the evening skies with an intense and luminescent homage to the spring period, the Daily Mail records.

The name originates from the Greek word for “passover,” picked since the pink supermoon is the initially moon to occur after the Spring Equinox, which took place on March 20.

Even though it’s called a pink supermoon, the moonlight will not in fact be pink.

The “pink” tag was picked in component as a referral to a kind of wildflower local to North America called “phlox subulata,” which has a vibrant pink shade and is an usual indication of spring, according to a record in Newsweek.

A supermoon commonly just happens yearly, when a moon synchronizes with the moon additionally going to the closest orbital factor to Earth, called a perigee.

Compared to common moons, supermoons can appear in between 7 and 14 percent bigger and up to 30 percent better.

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