Phoenix Rising
Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising has been released. Much to the agony of Marilyn Manson, the documentary openly deals with his tortures on Evan Rachel Wood. Wood was in a relationship with Manson for four long years.

She has documented her tormenting days with Manson in the series. Manson has been accused of performing sexual violence and rape. The allegations came from a number of women recently.

Evan Rachel Wood was the latest to be added to the list. It required a lot of courage for Evan to come out and narrate her horrific days with Manson. She faced a lot of heat while filming the documentary.

Evan was even threatened by Marilyn Manson and was asked not to work on the series. However, she gathered courage and finished filming her story. The documentary can now be streamed on the HBO platform. 

Phoenix Rising narrates the days of Rachel and how she was tormented. Right from the start things were very much toxic. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Phoenix Rising: A Victim’s Diary 

Phoenix Rising is supposed to be a two-part documentary. The initial part was released earlier this year at the Sundance Festival.

The documentary recalls the first meeting of Manson with Rachel. Rachel stated that she met him when she was a teenager. The age gap between the two was huge. Rachel was just eighteen years old while Manson was thirty-seven.

She recalled that Manson groomed her and took her into a hotel. Wood also said that Manson did not let her connect with her family. He tortured her and sexually abused her daily. 

Phoenix Rising also reflects on how Rachel was raped by Manson during the filming of “Heart-Shaped Love”. Wood said that these abuses continued for four years.

Manson would tie her with a rope and hit her with a Nazi whip. Wood recalls suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Manson’s present wife Lindsay Usich was also threatened by Manson after she tried to speak against Marilyn.