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Manchester City youngster Phil Foden spoke exclusively to Sky Sports

“You could probably see the smile on my face when I was celebrating,” Phil Foden tells Sky Sports. “That is what I live for.”

The Manchester City youngster is referring to the initial goal in the 5-0 win over Newcastle at the Etihad Stadium on Wednesday. It was his threaded pass that allowed David Silva to cross the ball for the opener that night.

Cue the embrace between City legend and protégé.

 Foden is cherishing every moment playing alongside David Silva

Foden is cherishing every moment playing along side David Silva

Foden is cherishing such experiences right now as the countdown to Silva’s exit is on.

“These are the final moments of his career here so just to be on the same pitch as him right now is special for me. He has been a great player for the club and it is going to be sad to see him go.”

There is just a pause before he continues.

“I am trying not to think about it too much and just enjoy my time playing with him.”

FREE TO LOOK AT: Highlights from Manchester City’s win over Newcastle

FREE TO WATCH: Highlights from Manchester City’s win over Newcastle

Such are the comparisons between the pair that Manchester City’s social media marketing team made a decision to have fun with it during the Newcastle game by subverting the familiar narrative – crediting the fourth goal of the evening, scored by Silva, to the ‘Spanish Foden’.

“To be honest, I thought it was a bit cheeky of them to say that,” laughs Foden himself. “I really thought David was going to have a go at them for that because it is a big statement.”

Foden is well aware of the facts.

“He has been my idol growing up. I have tried to learn from him in so far as i can and take it in to my game. It just isn’t like I will be trying to copy everything that that he does but if I simply take his strong points – how that he moves in to spaces and receives the ball – it can only help me as a person.

“I think he has brought my game on massively.”

There isn’t any doubt in regards to the improvement.

Foden’s vast potential has been an open secret since well before his two goals helped England win the U17 World Cup back in 2017. The feeling ever since has been that he needed was a chance.

And yet, even those who have followed him closely are seeing new things now. The rasping shot from away from box that started the scoring against Burnley. The turn that did for Andrew Robertson before firing confidently past Alisson together with his right foot against Liverpool.

Against Newcastle, there have been echoes of Silva in those first two goals as that he twice broke the lines, playing the pass prior to the pass. “Sometimes that can go unnoticed,” says Foden.

“The second assist, you know?”

But while there are aspects borrowed from Silva’s game, the son also known as the Stockport Iniesta has qualities that one wouldn’t immediately keep company with either of those Spanish magicians.

Consider, for example, the fact he has now scored seven goals for a second consecutive season. Iniesta did that in back-to-back seasons only one time in his entire career.

Indeed, Foden is averaging an objective involvement – a goal or an assist – every 79 minutes in all competitions since completing the scoring against Dinamo Zagreb in December.

Remarkably, what a better report than also Kevin De Bruyne during that time period.

“I am feeling really confident in front of goal,” says Foden. “Every possibility I obtain I feel just like I am going to report. I just appreciate scoring targets and that may be what I usually want to do inside training.

“I was at okay type before all of us broke up, if I am sincere, but I use come back traveling.

“Through quarantine We tried to job on issues like one-on-ones and keep coming back stronger. I believe I have got good start for the restart and I just want to maintain the form proceeding.

“Everyone is getting game time so I am really enjoying it at the moment.”

Foden’s possibilities have been coming even more up the discipline than a few had expected, with Pep Guardiola making use of him included in the front 3 rather than inside midfield.

“He has told me that he likes me in and around the box,” Foden explains.

His man-of-the-match performance within the Carabao Cup final originated from the right side. Against Burnley and Newcastle, he started through the left flank instead.

The 4-0 victory above Liverpool had been even more stimulating.

“I played in three different positions in that game,” recalls Foden.

“I even went up front in the end. I enjoy playing anywhere.”

Not just will it aid him drive more game period but it is completely part of his / her education.

“It is good if you can play in as many positions as possible,” he or she adds. “I can play in midfield as well as out wide. I want to play in these different positions. I want to be flexible.”

Being subjected to different functions in the group is increasing Foden’s advancement and you can find two factors, in particular, that this player themselves believes skyrocketed him upwards a level.

“The defensive side of the game, pressing from the front and things,” he admits that. “I think I have come on a lot more in the last year with that.”

Secondly, there is his / her physicality.

At 5foot 7ins, Foden is never getting powerhouse, yet he has worked well on his / her slight framework and right now looks to possess the strength and speed to be able to shrug away from opponents and go away from their website.

“I have become more physical up top and that is definitely helping my game,” he says.

“You clearly don’t have to become physical as a footballer nonetheless it is good if you have that bit of physicality and you can use this well.

“I don’t want to be too big but I just want to be big enough to give me that yard of space. It is something that I have been working on and it has come on a lot. It can still get better.”

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That wish to improve amounts up his / her mentality.

“I am still very young and have a lot of things to learn,” he or she adds.

But when that noises a little bit a lot of like a well-rehearsed line, will not take a lot of digging to expose his satisfaction in the fact which he has gained his devote the City side.

Patience continues to be justified. His commitment proved right.

“I have worked very hard for the starts and they do not come easy with the manager,” Foden accepts the fact. “He advantages you regarding training difficult and spending so much time. If everybody sees myself starting I understand it is because I use earned that will.

“It has not come easy.”

Foden has not been immune for the chatter close to him.

The need to compare and contrast his / her progress with this of the club’s lost young man Jadon Sancho ensured that all match which he missed delivered further examination.

How did he or she maintain his / her focus?

“First of all, it is just a love for Man City,” he or she adds.

“Just having the patience. Wanting to be a massive player for this club. The determination I have inside me to train my best. Behind closed doors, that is what I do every day.”

It is absolutely chilled to visit fishing. It relaxes your own legs and your mind

Phil Foden

It is the kind of down-to-earth method that assures his standing as a lover favourite. Even his selection of hobby comes with an everyman high quality to it.

Phil Foden, footballer and fisherman.

“It is really chilled to go fishing,” he admits that. “It relaxes your legs and your mind.”

Pond fishing will be his inclination. “Lakes and things.”

He welcomed typically the relaxation in the lockdown regulations.

“They recently told us that we could go back fishing so I have been for a couple of hours in my spare time. I really enjoy doing it.”

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Foden needs his / her down time since the excitement continues to be to come.

While City are sure to end second within the Premier League, the true upshot of the season remains to be in the stability with mug competitions home and European still to get to determined.

“The manager offers let us know that could be one of the biggest many years that we may have if we succeed the Champions League and the FA Cup too. So there exists a lot to learn for.

“We are pushing the other person. It continues to be difficult minus the fans however the lads understand where you want to be and what we desire to win – and option biggest trophies.

“The Champions League is the huge one that we certainly have not won however so we are likely to push for this as much as possible.”

The best send off regarding David Silva? Now that basically would be a special event.

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