The omicron form of coronavirus has caused a fast surge in coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) cases in highly vaccinated populations, raising questions about the efficiency of existing vaccinations. Adults in the US are recommended to obtain their booster dose as soon as possible. So,  either Pfizer or Moderna.

Both mRNA vaccines provide considerable protection against breakthrough infections and hospitalizations. However, a new study based on data obtained before the Omicron outbreak suggests Moderna’s vaccination provides more protection than Pfizer’s.

Pfizer And Moderna Provide Nearly Equal Protection From Omicron

Adults who got two doses of the Moderna vaccination had a reduced risk of hospitalization than those who had two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, according to research published last week in the peer-reviewed Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). The data was collected between March and August of last year when Delta was the most common variation.

As booster doses become more widely available across the country, Grindrod, the pharmacy vaccine lead for the Waterloo region, believes that Moderna may be a better alternative for many people over 30 because of its somewhat longer protection against infection. A new study on which vaccine is best for particular groups — including Omicron — is still being conducted, but there are a few essential points to be aware of right now. People should obtain whatever booster injection is readily available, according to doctors and public health experts.

According to Grindrod, both mRNA vaccines provide considerable protection against COVID-19, although research comparing the two vaccinations reveal Moderna has a modest advantage.

According to the monitoring report, two doses of the vaccinations were 79% effective in protecting people from dying or needing ventilators during Omicron spike, while those who had a booster injection received 94 percent protection.