The FDA said that the data from vaccine trials of Pfizer appears consistent with the recommendations put forward by the company for an emergency use authorization. It declared the vaccine as highly effective which doesn’t have any safety concerns.

In Thursday’s advisory meeting for reviewing this vaccine, the data revealed the vaccine to be 52% effective after the first dose and around 82% effective for people who had two doses.

Effectiveness Of Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine

Two doses of the vaccine are recommended in a distance of three weeks. The vaccine was further found to be 94.8% effective when administered seven days after inoculation.

The FDA previously stated that it would administer the vaccine only if it is 50% effective and safe to use. There is enough consistency in the vaccine’s quality for administering it for a EUA.On Thursday, the U.K. started mass inoculations under the EUA.

The agency will conduct a meeting with the Advisory Committee and BioNTech, a German Drugmaker, for reviewing Pfizer’s vaccine.

EUA means that some people will be allowed by the FDA to get the vaccine as it continues to analyze the data. It is different from full approval which takes months. Alex Azar, Secretary, Human and Health Services, mentioned to ABC News that the authorization will go according to the agency’s gold-standard process and he will make sure that it does.

Pfizer submitted its vaccine data on 20th November. The final analysis regarding clinical trial phase three administered on over 43,000 participants revealed the vaccine to be 95% effective. The vaccine uses mRNA or messenger RNA technology. It is a completely new approach that utilizes genetic material for provoking immune responses.

However as there is insufficient data for making conclusions, it is still not known whether the vaccine can be administered to pregnant women, people having compromised immunity and children under 16 years of age.