Pete Davidson
Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson is one of the most famous faces in America. His recent involvement with Kim Kardashian has made him even more popular in the American entertainment industry. Pete has been dating Kim Kardashian for a long time now.

The duo has been spotted on multiple occasions. Initially, they did not disclose their relationship. However, recently both Kim and Davidson publicly approved of their relationship.

Pete addressed Kim as his girlfriend in one of his recent interviews. However, this has angered Kanye West a lot. West is the ex-husband of Kim and the two have an extremely estranged relationship. Ever since their break up, West has continuously tried to mend things with Kim.

His efforts embarrassed Kim a lot and she filed a legal lawsuit against West. All these developments made Kanye very much angry with Pete. He threatened and mocked Pete several times.

Kim Kardashian lodged a police complaint against West. She asked her ex-husband to stop bothering Pete. Kanye West has recently released a parody song for Pete Davidson. Davidson has expressed his thoughts on the song and termed it as hilarious.

Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Pete Davidson Finds Kanye West Parody Hilarious 

Pete Davidson seems to be enjoying all the frustration from Kanye West. Kanye has recently released a diss track for Pete. He demeaned and insulted Kim’s present boyfriend. Pete however, looked unaffected by all these.

He stated recently that he did not feel insulted by the diss track. Instead, he enjoyed all the attention that was showered on him. 

Pete Davidson praised Kanye West for his efforts put in to make the track. He also praised Kim Kardashian a lot. Pete stated that the way Kim has constantly supported him was a great feeling for him.