Pete Buttigieg
Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg has been nominated as the Transportation Secretary by Joe Biden, President-elect. This is a huge cause for celebration by some of the leading advocacy groups of the LGBTQ community.

Buttigieg was the mayor in South Bend, Indiana, previously and in case he is confirmed for the concerned post, he will become the first gay person as a Cabinet secretary who will be approved by the Senate. Rick Grenell, who previously served as acting director to the national intelligence for 4 months (February-May) was the very first open LGBTQ person to be a Cabinet secretary.

Pete Buttigieg Brings Global Visibility To The LGBTQ Community

Human Rights Campaign is the largest advocacy group of LGBTQ in the US. Following the nomination of Pete Buttigieg, they released a public statement expressing their happiness and celebration from this massive win-win situation for a larger platform for LGBTQ visibility as well as the continuance of striving for a better representation of their diverse community on all levels of administration.

Annise Parker, President of Victory Institute for LGBTQ, has also stated that the nomination of Pete is an enormous breakthrough in the epoch-long effort that strives to ensure a representation of LGBTQ people at the government level. According to her, this will result in a reverberating and long-reaching effort that will take the community on another level and bridge the gap between them and the complicated legacy of the nation with the help of Biden’s vision. As an open LGBTQ person, he will add a positive perspective to the community and federal government as well.

Pete Buttigieg is considered as a probable nominee to a few posts in the administration of the Democratic Party. He earned fame after his presidential bid that rapidly lost fire but he became a prominent name within the Democrats, further upheld by his good work in Indiana.