Three short recorded videos of “unidentified aerial phenomenon,” possibly caused by UFO, was officially released by the Pentagon.

The videos, captured by infrared cameras, revealed rapidly moving UFOs with service members looking at it in awe. 

The veracity of the recorded videos was previously acknowledged by the Navy, around 2019 September. According to Sue Gough, Pentagon spokesperson, the video footage was released to clarify the bubbling misconceptions regarding the reality of the videos and the truth behind them.

Pentagon Confirms Video of UFO Legitimate

Gough’s official statement further reveals that the decision to release the video was made by the department after a detailed review. The official release was only done after it was ascertained that no sensitive information was being revealed by the video.

The Navy recently provided its pilots with the provision of reporting any possible sighting of UFOs. The pilots have been provided with formal guidelines, for any such future occurrences, as well. 

Between 2017 December and 2018 March the videos captured by the Navy were initially released. They were made available by a company called “To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences”, which investigates UFOs and unidentified aerial phenomenons. The organization was co-founded by Tom Delonge, the former musician of Blink-182.

A pilot, who had witnessed a UFO in person, back in 2004, revealed shocking details about it in an interview with CNN. According to the pilot in the 2017 interview, the motion of the object was unexplainable. He claimed that when approached the object accelerated in one direction, bounced away, and then disappeared.

Such unidentified aerial encounters have been investigated by the Pentagon between 2007-2012. The classified program had to be stopped due to a lack of funding. However, the former head, Luis Elizondo, acknowledged having come across compelling evidence.

Some claim that further investigation is required as these UFOs could be a threat to US security.