Mike Pence, the vice president said that he believes that the testing of the virus can be increased by the governors of the nations who claim that they don’t have the needful.

On Fox News Sunday, Pence said that coronavirus tests per day can be increased to 3,00,000 from 1,50,000. To reach that point, governors of all the counties must come together to open up all the laboratories in their states for testing of the virus.

The Trump government has assigned the governors to make decisions regarding steps to revive the economy.

Meanwhile, on Friday, Trump said on Twitter that it was time to ‘liberate’ Michigan, Minnesota, and Virginia, following protests that broke out due to the declaration of extended lockdown.

Backing the President, Pence said on Sunday that Trump would find ways to encourage the governors on allowing Americans to go out for work safely.

However, the governors complained saying that it was unfair to impose the duty of hiking the tests on the states.

Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam said on CNN’s “State of the Union” that it was Trump and Pence’s delusion to say that the US has enough testing for states in order to reopen the country.