Nancy Pelosi has seen to it that the Democrat plan of establishing remote voting and/or proxy voting in the House to be sidelined for the coming weeks, as the Republican government has completely slammed the Democrats for trying to change the way Congress did stuff. 

No point thinking about the actual problems that voting during Coronavirus would incur. 

But Pelosi hasn’t completely shut down on the idea. Instead, bipartisan politics would be played out as members from both parties would come together to find out the different nuances of remote and proxy voting and how it could be done under social distancing. 

In fact, Republicans have been trashing Pelosi for trying to break tradition and protocol without setting ample precedent. In light of reviving the Payment Protection Programme, it has been seen that many members of the Congress who aren’t residents of Washington are finding it increasingly difficult to cast their votes. This led to those members asking other members to vote on their behalf, which was quite against the workings of the House. 

“Any changes of this magnitude must be done in a thoughtful, bipartisan manner through regular order and with input from all members of the House,” Scalise’s office sent out in whip notice to member offices.”

“Instead, the Speaker is choosing to capitalize on the crisis and jam through a rules change that could have serious constitutional and institutional repercussions.”