On Monday, Joe Biden was endorsed for President by Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic House Speaker.

Pelosi joined the list of influential democrats who publicly supported Biden despite charges of sexual assault against him. The allegations were denied by Biden’s camp.

Asserting that Joe Biden as a president will be extraordinary, Pelosi said that she was proud to endorse him; in a video reported by The Washington Post. In the video, Pelosi was in an interview on CNN with Jake Tapper on Sunday.

Joe Biden was applauded for his contributions in the areas concerning policy. He was also praised for his healthy relationship with Barack Obama, the former US President. The presidential nominee also received accolades for his off-screen personality and nature.

Pitch for Joe Biden

“Joe Biden brings values and integrity to work every day because he never forgets his roots,” Pelosi said. 

Indicating towards Biden, she further added that at present, the country needed a progressive and reliable President.

However, neither Pelosi spoke about the sexual assault charges against Biden in the video nor was she asked anything regarding the allegations.

When Fox News asked Pelosi to comment on the accusations, she claimed Biden to be a supporter of women’s right to speak and to be heard. 

Democratic Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer is yet to express his views on the charges. Similarly, the women chosen by Biden to be a part of the Democratic National Committee have also not commented on the allegations.

The allegations gained prominence when a 1993 video from ‘Larry King Live’ resurfaced. The video features the alleged victim’s mother speaking on the sexual assault by Biden on her daughter- without taking his name or uttering the words ‘sexual assault.’