Donna Shalala is to serve on the five-member congressional commission, which is to oversee the latest $2.2 trillion relief package for the coronavirus pandemic, under Trump‘s administration. Speaker Nancy Pelosi appointed Shalala for the post, saying that experience made her a good choice. Shalala was a Health and Human Services (HHS) secretary under President Clinton, before being elected in her seat during the democratic wave of 2018.

Pelosi believes that Shalala due to her reputation will not be exploited by profiteers, and thus she will overlook the coronavirus relief package. She will see to it that $500 billion is being distributed by the Treasury Department.

Pelosi appoints Rep. Donna Shalala to coronavirus oversight panel

Both the Republican and Democratic leaders of the House and Senate are to appoint one member of the panel, and the chair will be selected in unison by Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Pelosi is also to select a committee to oversee the CARES Act. She will need a House vote to create the panel and hasn’t named the members.

Trump’s nomination of a White House lawyer to oversee the same $500 billion of the relief fund, has pushed the oversight of the rescue package into a pit of uncertainty.