Paul Mitchell
Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell, the US Rep. from Dryden, wrote a letter to the officials saying that he wanted to resign from the Republican party. This took place on Monday.

Paul Mitchell clearly stated the reason for his departure in the letter. He mentioned that the fact that the political candidates treated the election system of the country with so much distrust, was unacceptable. This was something only third-world nations reflect during the process of election. Mitchell further wrote that it was very wrong of them to violate the sanctity of a democracy, that is the system of voting.

Paul Mitchell’s Reasons For Leaving The Party

The comment of Mitchell was followed by Joe Biden getting formally elected as the President of the US, by the electors. They met in Lansing and carried out the constitutional process. All of this was done following the 2020 election results with the Democratic leader, Joe Biden, as the President-elect.

The results of this election that took place on the 3rd of November were challenged by President Donald Trump. He and some of his followers had been behind the defiance of the results. They were constantly making unscientific, baseless concerning the election process. Despite the lack of any scientific evidence, Trump and his allies accused many battleground states, especially Michigan and others, of fraud.

Paul Mitchell was said to leave Congress in January. He was among the few Republican Congressman who accepted Joe Biden’s victory over Trump. He also stated that Trump needed to accept this very fact.

Mitchell wrote a letter to the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, and to the leader of the Republican Party of the US House, Kevin McCarthy who hails from California. There he mentioned to not associate him with any party and change his party affiliation to ‘independent’.