Tony Spell, a pastor at Life Tabernacle Church in Louisiana, bragged about his in-person Easter service with more than 1000 ‘faithful’ attendees. It was no less than a serious defiance of the restrictions declared by the governor of Louisiana and caused a potential spreading of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Though the video of Spell, preaching from the pulpit, shows only a few rows of parishioners, the host claims the number to be as many as 1,345. He boasted it being a higher turnout compared to the usual attendance and posted the service live on social media as well.

The video mostly shows shots of Spell himself and a few people on the stage. The greater part of the gathering is hidden. The state guidelines clearly mention that any gathering should not cross the threshold of 10 maintaining a minimum distance of 6 feet. But by the sound of it, this congregation was definitely bigger and social-distancing was long forgotten.

Spell already has an arrest history for violating the “safer-at-home” mandate and the police is now trying to make a stronger case against him.