Pardons will be issued by President Donald Trump on his final day in office. According to a source, Trump will issue pardons on Tuesday, with the list yet to be completely confirmed. At the same time, the Senate will reassociate since President Trump was impeached last week by the House.

As per another source, the POTUS is not going to pardon himself. But it is still not confirmed who is going to issue them on behalf of Mr. Trump. He did not make any public appearance on Monday while the first lady, Melania Trump, gave a farewell video. 

Donald Trump’s Pardons and Melania’s Farewell Video

Mrs. Trump did not comment directly on the matter of violence at the Capitol. She nevertheless requested the public to be passionate and not to handle any situation with violence. Meanwhile, the first lady did not attend the tour with the upcoming first lady, Jill Biden. Donald Trump and Melania Trump would be the first president and first lady who will not participate in the inauguration of the incoming president in 150 years of American history. According to a source, Mr. Trump will not receive the sizeable military salute as he wanted to get on his farewell. 

For the purpose of the upcoming inauguration, more than 25,000 National Guard troops have been authorized. Further investigation by the FBI is going on to root out the conspiracy behind the Capitol assault. A person connected with far-right groups like the Oath Keepers and Three Percenters has been arrested.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump will be issuing the pardons. The Senate will reportedly reconcile and confirm hearings on five Cabinet nominees.