An immigrant since the age of 4, Padma Laxmi released a new documentary series called “Taste the Nation,” which celebrates indigenous and immigrant American food.

While working with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Laxmi got involved with the immigration issue in America. Since she was a child, she has seen the nation develop a skeptical eye toward immigrants and as a rebuttal, she hosts this show, which focuses majorly on immigrant food to show how “immigrants really built this country.”

On the show, besides talking about the various cultures co-existing in America, she also discusses the source of some of the very common food that the nation consumes. When thinking about the ubiquitous hamburgers, hot dogs, and apple pies, Padma Laxmi reminds in an interview that not one of these is actually from the States.

Laxmi mentions “Taste the Nation” is really to dig into history and learn from it. The show is like a reminder of the patchwork culture of America which is woven by the various fabrics of immigrants.

The Hulu docu-show contextualizes immigrant stories against the backdrop of current immigration policies of the nation. Laxmi also talks about her love for traveling. So the show is also about traveling and getting to know these people, states the “Taste the Nation” host in an interview.

During pandemic times, Laxmi’s travel-and-talk show also hopes to provide comfort to people stuck at home. It’s also bound to make Americans curious about their neighbors. Laxmi’s aim is to bring people together in such polarized times.